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Another week has passed and I’d hoped for more progress. I jumped ahead in Kompozer, set up a basic layout for my Green Gaia Growers website and I’ve been jotting down content ideas; plant price lists, sustainable gardening links, homepage link, map, photo gallery, etc. The Beaird reading has been very helpful. The law of [...]

Week 3

Week 3

Wow 10 days have slipped by and I am desperately trying to play catch-up. The principles of design has been a great asset for preparation but I’m spending more time thinking about what to do than actually doing it on the computer and working full time with two children leaves little time for my [...]

WEEK 2 in review

Week 2 websites:
W3 Consortium
This unattractive yet well organized site dedicated to the general research of the World Wide Web and internet offers many resources for designers but stands out for its supply of reports and reviews. The BBC and Scientific America links provide under the Semantic Web link offer compelling insights to the future [...]

Back Track to Week 1 websites

Now that this blog is up and running I can post comments on the week 1 websites.
The Principles of beautiful design site has a great homepage. Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the beauty demonstrated here is in functionality. Jason Beaird demonstrates how to hold the users attention. For. one: Less is [...]

A bit of success

After yesterday’s frustrations, I have had a taste of success. I added another line of text to the webpage after downloading it and reuploading it through SSH into Kompozer. Heather Dodge’s SSH tutorial page was most excellent.

Prof. Simon covered this in class- but it’s nice to have the refresher on demand. So [...]

Rough Start

This blog will chronicle my experience as a nubile blogger and web designer. I lead an extremely busy life- work, graduate school, marriage and most central to my life- my two beloved children. Blogs are typically updated with daily posts but I will be lucky to sit down for [...]