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WEEK 12 Smartwebby is a great final website to review. It offers just about everything for the designer. Tutorials, templates, roll over images, pop up menu ideas, etc. Particularly useful for Dreamweaver users.

WEEK 11 Great collection of websites. Check out the Brazilian WWF graphics. Best Web Gallery offers some mindboggling resources for site design. The 3-D wall link has a spiral photo gallery that can be rotated for selections- amazing!!! similarly to the above the best of the web gallery shows some beautifully crafted sites. [...]

WEEK 10 There are undoubtedly worse people to pick on than Bill Gates considering his foundation is one of the largest philanthropic organizations ever. Maybe i’m just missing the joke here. sorry folks. Maybe I’m just in a morning funk, but this comic hasn’t done the trick either. Ok. Finally. You got me. It [...]


FlashVista Tons of tutorials and flash categories. This site seems like it would cover most of your needs.

Flash Tutorials very cool futuristic menu design. Worth learning soon.

SitePal – Flash Avatars
Wow!! This one is way too cool! You can get an animated character or avatar to host your website. Check out [...]