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WEEK 2 in review

Week 2 websites:
W3 Consortium
This unattractive yet well organized site dedicated to the general research of the World Wide Web and internet offers many resources for designers but stands out for its supply of reports and reviews. The BBC and Scientific America links provide under the Semantic Web link offer compelling insights to the future of the web. Language extending from html within Web pages will be designed with extensive associative links to other sources of data. Search engines will be able to select information with greater relevance than current search strategies offer. Through a “Web Agent”, which I assume is the future search tool, a user’s information profile will affect search results. Say you want to find activities for your kids on a particular weekend. The browser or search engine will have a record of your zipcode and consider weather conditions for outdoor events, the age of your children, total costs for gas, lunch, etc. If privacy issues are an issue today, just wait till TOMORROW!!! This site has a clean appearance with a friendly format full of tutorial links. However,I was surprised to not find a KompoZer tutorial. In fact, the search option (Google) seems to be limited to sponsored links. The W3 School offers many courses free of charge- when your ready to take the certificate exam, you pay a $59 fee. Excellent for your resume. Again, this USF tutorial page set up by Heather Dodge, has been very, very helpful. I was able to pause the voice instructed program, follow the steps and continue my way through with out any difficulties.
Creating Websites chpt 3 and 4:

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