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FlashVista Tons of tutorials and flash categories. This site seems like it would cover most of your needs.

Flash Tutorials very cool futuristic menu design. Worth learning soon.

SitePal – Flash Avatars
Wow!! This one is way too cool! You can get an animated character or avatar to host your website. Check out the overview film. Prices range from $100 to $2500 a year depending on how many features you want. You can have a photo converted to an animated version but the features seem to get lost. The asian guy in the intro film looks very little like his cartoon avatar.

Adobe Flash Ouch!! at $699 I won’t be purchasing Adobe Flash anytime soon. I’ll have to wait a few years.

Swift Swift is offered at half the price of Adobe Flash and is compatable using “smartlayer technology”

Swish And Swish wins the price war at $149. This could mean that your not getting all the bells and whistles of Adobe Flash but it describes most of the standard Flash features.


HotScripts This site might be helpful, but I had no succes finding visual examples of scripts. That would be more informative.


Basic info about MP3s hey, this explanation gives a clear history of the MP3 format. Makes you wonder what audio technology is looming around corner.

How to create .M3U files and streaming audio
Very cool and concise explanation of the pros of streaming audio, like not having your copyrighted materials downloaded onto anyone’s hard drive or having to wait for a rather large file to completely download before you can here it. The .M3U file is a simple “go between link” that feeds the .mp3 without having to download- and it’s a simple process that can be done in notepad!!
Audacity – Free audio editor
As a musician, I was mesmerized by Audacity. I used to record on a Yamaha 4 track which cost me over $300 at the time. I can do so much more with this free audio editor than I could then. With a seemingly unlimited number of tracks and built in special effects like phaser and delay I could easily get lost creating sound collages.
Musicovery Internet Radio
I gave the word music genre a listen and wow no interruptions!! I often listen to Radio 360 but a tranquil track can rudely find a disruptive Walmart ad breaking through.
Pandora Internet Radio
Check out the Music Genome Project link at the top of the homepage!! Rather than pigeon holing musicians into specific genres, these guys are analyzing individual tracks. Therefore, you could hear Coldplay’s “Ring of Fire” cover under country or Ween’s “Dancin in the Show tonight” under childrens (scary). Pandora has a member login so that you can save your personal settings and access them anywhere.
Without actually downloading and using the following editors it’s kind of hard to critique them. Over all, these editors are striving to offer multiple functions. Instead of serving solely as web editors they are offering chatroom, e-mail, and web browsing capabilities. Sea Monkey seems to be the better of these three.




FREE TEXT EDITORS: This site gives a good general overview of both free wysiwyg and text editors.

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