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WEEK 11 Great collection of websites. Check out the Brazilian WWF graphics. Best Web Gallery offers some mindboggling resources for site design. The 3-D wall link has a spiral photo gallery that can be rotated for selections- amazing!!! similarly to the above the best of the web gallery shows some beautifully crafted sites. The Klinkov site is executed with great clarity- necessary for the artist to best display his paintings. The Brecrest children’s clothing link is an example of appropriate design for a particular audience. The CSS moon site doesn’t offer any explanations of it’s ratings of other websites and the homepage doesn’t make clear what the purpose of the site is in the first place. Not as impressive as the above critiques. Again this site shows some impressive designs using CSS without any introduction. The assumption here is that if you are visiting a CSS site you probably don’t need an explanation of the site’s intentions. More fantastic websites to make my inferior site look even more pathetic. The DCM entertainment site is most inspiring lots of amazing Adobe Flash animation. Finally!! This site not only has web site ratings, it has loads of resources for you to create your own. Look at the “proyectiva”. Very impressive use of Flash and design. Cool Home Pages has links to stylish templates, stock photos and logos.

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