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WEEK 8 rather than an entry about pub domain images wikipedia provides a motherload of links to a wide range of resources. A good start. Library spot is a good general reference site. Here you’ll find image links for kids as well as adults. Like wikipedia, the site is simple and neat. Not [...]


http://ilovetypography.comGreat site for typography enthusiasts. Looking around my house I’m reminded of the variety of lettering styles available!! Letters everywhere. The articles in this site review people who are not content with the thousands of styles available or simply love the challenge of creating new fonts. There’s a “free font” link following the typography [...]

WEEK 6 This contains 433 photos of gritty, rusty, worn paint etc.. urban textures free for usage. I could probably use some of the earthy textures for soil in my site. The link to grunge textures brings you to a another arsenal of terrific masonry etc. These textures give an organic presence to your [...]

WEEK 5 – This site covers pretty much anything I ever wanted to know about color; theory, combinations, physics, etc. It goes a little further in depth than the Beaird Chpt 2 did and offers some great tools, particularly the color wheel. Spinning it randomly produces combinations of great colors- text, background and border. [...]