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A bit of success

After yesterday’s frustrations, I have had a taste of success. I added another line of text to the webpage after downloading it and reuploading it through SSH into Kompozer. Heather Dodge’s SSH tutorial page was most excellent.

Prof. Simon covered this in class- but it’s nice to have the refresher on demand. So far the help feature on Kompozer appears to offer reasonable instructions for what I will be doing.
On that note, what am I doing?? I’m not entirely sure. I work for a plant nursery in Sarasota, so I’ve considered coming up with a fictitious nursery. For that matter I could come up with entirely fantastical plants- perhaps huge and carnivorous. This would have to be supplemented with wonderful imagery. Perhaps from an old movie poster.
I guess I need to know whether or not I need a disclaimer. I may attract the attention of particularly malicious people in search of cat or child eating fly traps.

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