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WEEK 8 rather than an entry about pub domain images wikipedia provides a motherload of links to a wide range of resources. A good start. Library spot is a good general reference site. Here you’ll find image links for kids as well as adults. Like wikipedia, the site is simple and neat. Not much here on imagery. Perhaps the page changed over the past few weeks. Cool resource for archive images, mostly text from old newspapers, journals etc. but original photos too. $12 a month or $70 a year gives unlimited access. Browse by photos or you’ll get little more than text images. No luck finding an original photo of H.P. Lovecraft. Photoshop is still the industry standard with many features most of us will rarely use. Fireworks seems to be the more web friendly version of photshop. The official Gimp web site offers free down loads for this basic image editor. Free and simple is a good selling point and I’m using it for my web site. Gimpshop is sort of a Gimp/Photshop hybrid intended to accomodate photshop users to GIMP( GNU Image Manipulation Program).
The GIMP tutorial gives you a basic lowdown on how this free image editing program can clean up your photos. I began using Corel Paintshop but GIMP was all I really needed. I found everything I needed at Stock.XCHNG and and I was able to edit the images so that they worked in my site. It didn’t take long before I realized that the images didn’t have to be resized to fit into my tables. The pictures automatically fit, so I only needed to brighten them a bit.
Aside from the logical and aesthetic reasons for image choices final chapter in Beaird pointed out something I hadn’t thought of before: Hotlinking. Apparently it is a common problem in socialnetworking where users will benignly create links to their favorite images found on other servers. This could be a positive plug for another site, but more often it is a nuisance- slowing down other peoples servers/websites.

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